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Featured Journeys

he best holidays aren’t about going somewhere special, they’re about being somewhere special.
Somewhere comfortable, stylish, distinctive and fun. Leisure time is an all-too-rare and valuable commodity. You shouldn’t have to spend a moment of yours thinking about anything that remotely resembles everyday life.

Provence & Tuscany

Fields of lavender…vestiges of stone…
Travel to the backcountry villages and markets of this unique region of France…discover its scenic beauty and rich culture, and enjoy the warm and intimate atmosphere of the typically Provençal towns…spend two idyllic days at the Pigonnet Hotel in Aix en Provence, land of artists, writers and painters, where your imagination will find its inspiration…continue on to Lorgue for a 2 nights stay at the delightful Chateau de Berne…stroll through this charming village offering the scent of herbs and landscape of fields alternating with woodlands and vineyards…end your tour at the enchanting Villa St Elme, overlooking the Mediterranean and blending into the tropical colors of gardens, pines and palms…a taste of heaven amidst the blazing colors of Provence.

South Africa

Visit Extraordinary locales and habitats. With our many years of experience in the region, we have crafted for you an itinerary that includes some of the most spectacular regions, best wildlife viewing and most distinctive accommodations. This safari would be hard to beat for the sheer variety of experience: the seaside countryside and elegance of Cape Town; the huge sand dunes of Sossusvlei; the abundance of animals at the water holes of Etosha; the waters and wildlife of the Okavango Delta; Botswana and the power of Victoria Falls; plus much more.


From bustling Cairo and the Pyramids to Luxor’s awesome Karnak Temple to picturesque Aswan and Abu Simbel, Egypt is a land of mystery. Most itineraries here include some time spent on a Nile cruise. On a small, yacht-like vessel, you travel a relatively short distance (it’s only 150 miles between Luxor and Aswan) and are never out of sight of the banks of the Nile. But that’s just where you want to be, as your A&K Sun Boat provides a comfortable “home base” for exploration of the fabled antiquities that line the water’s edge.

Paradores in Spain & Portugal

Step inside the grand Moorish palace of the Alhambra, gaze at treasures – inside and out – at the world renowned Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, follow pilgrim’s footsteps on the path of St. James to Santiago de Compostela or stroll the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Sintra and Evora, and you will understand the historical, cultural and religious passion throughout these lands and carefully woven into these Spain and Portugal tours.


Traffic and tranquillity, beaches and bargains, rural roads, ancient palaces and stunning temples: Thailand has much to offer anyone from the casual visitor in search of affordable luxury to the rugged backpacker hoping to get off the track. What brings visitors back time and again is the allure of the ephemeral: seemingly spontaneous festivals, chance meetings and whimsical moments in an unpredictable land of ancient culture and elusive wisdom. The kingdoms most notable sites are opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins, and peak roofed temples housing serene images of the Buddha, places where the past comes alive in architecture and artwork as well as beliefs and practices. In bustling Bangkok, you'll find simple canal and riverside communities, a sprawling Chinatown, an ultra-modern cityscape and giant outdoor markets that are a heady mix of sights, sounds, and smells. Beyond urban Thailand are flat plains carpeted with rice paddies and dotted with tiny villages, mountains of luxuriant teak forests where elephants once roamed wild, long stretches of white sand beach and acres of coconut palms and rubber plantations. Rural life is languid and hospitable and behind every warm Thai smile there is true kindness and a certain wisdom of the ancients.

Cruising the Amazon

Amazon from Iquitos Peru. Its surroundings covering nearly half of the territory of Peru, the Amazon is the mightiest river in the world, flanked by vast stretches of lush, pristine rainforest. We continue to be amazed at the natural wonders we find on our 10-day riverboat expedition.
The rainforest canopy shelters the richest and most diverse ecosystem on Earth, making it the perfect place for anyone who cares about nature. Begin in Iquitos, the world’s furthest inland seaport, and travel along the Amazon’s tributaries, going deep into the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve — the largest wetland reserve in the world. These are places that others simply don’t go. On our many excursions, we’ll look for the Amazon’s myriad forms of wildlife — monkeys, birds, sloths and other mammals, pink and gray dolphins and many more. You might even spot the endangered giant otter or the rare harpy eagle.

Throughout the voyage, expert local naturalist guides will accompany you. They are the friendliest, most knowledgeable and most experienced people you’ll ever meet, with an uncanny ability to find wildlife and the desire to share their knowledge. An Expedition Leader will also accompany you, making sure you have everything you need.

If you have never been to the Amazon, we certainly hope you’ll join us this year. And if you’ve traveled to the Amazon before, you may want to consider a return voyage, as no two journeys are ever the same.



Essence of Japan. Tauck's Japan travel experience reveals the essence of Japan through its temples, shrines, Shinto gates, feudal castles, and perfectly preserved villages. In Tauck's Japan, travel on the fascinating island of Honshu to off-the-beaten-path spots, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the vibrant cites of Tokyo and Kyoto for a full cultural immersion. Experience ancient traditions first-hand when you stay in a ryokan-style hotel, attend a tea ceremony, and soak in hot spring baths. Tour legendary samurai residences and the geisha district. Tauck's Japan travel experience includes a variety of transportation modes, ensuring the best way to see the best of each destination. Ride the Bullet Train, a gondola over a mountain, and a boat across a lake. See the Great Buddha, thatched-roof gassho-zukuri farmhouses, serene gardens, and priceless art treasures.

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